Haywards Heath
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Having been let down by my previous company I contacted Roger. It’s so nice now that I do not have to put up with cleaners not turning up and doing a sub-standard job. I can highly recommend Cleanhome.

-Mrs B – Horsted Keynes

I am absolutely thrilled with the service I received from Cleanhome. Within two weeks, I was matched with a wonderful cleaner who understood totally my needs.

-Mrs F – Southwater

Roger was very meticulous in making sure he found the right person for me. I am so pleased with my new cleaner Helen. It is now a pleasure to go home after she has been, the cleaning is of a very high standard.

-Mrs B – Horsted Keynes

Cindy is delightful and has made such a difference in our busy lives. She is incredibly efficient and thoughtful. It made the process of finding a good cleaner so much easier by using Clean Home.

-Mrs C – Horsham

My cleaner has been with me for over a month now and does a thorough clean each time she comes to my requirements. I would thoroughly recommend them.

-Mrs F – Southwater

I am very happy with Sandra’s work and presence as my cleaner. She started working for me in Jan 18. I think she is a very open and honest person, and we get along well. I’d like to thank you and your company.

-Ms J – Henfield

We have had our first clean and all was good. We were very pleased and want to thank you for introducing us to Linda. We have made a weekly arrangement with

-Mr D – Brighton
My wife and I found Roger very helpful. The cleaner sent to us was hard working and had a pleasing manner.
We have been very happy with the service.
-Mr G – Brighton

I am a contented client of Cleanhome and am happy to report that the lady assigned to my house for cleaning  performs her tasks with amazing efficiency.

She is a very cheerful lady  and Cleaning Day to me means a home renewed and refreshed.

-Mr B – Haywards Heath

We have been entirely satisfied with the domestic house cleaning services provided by Cleanhome, and have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone considering using their services.  Debbie is the lady who has been delegated to look after our requirements, she is friendly yet entirely professional when you she cleans our home which she does to a high standard.  She is careful, diligent, totally trustworthy, cost effective  and manages to get through a lot of work in her allotted time.  We actually  look forward to her fortnightly visit.

-Mr H -Burgess Hill

You have provided a first class cleaner in Jacqui. Hope that she can start again before to long (COVID19 Lockdown).

-Mr N – Bolney

Kirsty has done a wonderful job, we are very impressed.

-Mr W – Hurstpierpoint
You have very good cleaners I have found and you provide an attentive, considerate, efficient service. I am highly satisfied.
With many thanks
-Ms T – Brighton
Carolyn has settled in very well and is already a huge help for me. She is coping really easily with my chaotic household and is a very friendly, helpful person. Thank you for your assistance
-Ms H – Partridge Green
My experience with Clean Home is excellent. I have always been extremely impressed with the high standards of their cleaners .
Mr Roger Johnson is very efficient and helpful and makes sure that high standards are maintained in a very pleasant manner.  Clean Home is the best cleaning agency I have dealt with.
-Ms H – Brighton
Geri is lovely and she cleans very well thank you 🙂 We are more than happy! Thank you again!
Kind regards
-Mrs P – Horsham

My current cleaner is always reliable and her cleaning is of a high standard. She has continued to clean while “Lock Down” was on but we kept in touch by text to check that both she and my husband and I were all still well before she came to our home. Joyce keeps her distance and we think our arrangement works well for us all. Many thanks.

-Mr and Mrs D – Southwater

I have been very pleased with the service I have received from Cleanhome especially from Roger. In the last few weeks his emails have shown how much he cares about both his clients and his cleaners. I am very glad to have my lovely cleaner Linda back again.

-Mrs B – Patcham

Two cleans in we are very happy with our cleaner. She has turned up each time when she said she would, and has done a thorough and professional job. The poor girl didn’t hesitate to carry out the clean, even when I forgot to leave her payment on the second occasion!

-Ms B – Horsham
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Bespoke Service

We are not happy until you are! Your cleaner will usually tailor their services to fit exactly with your requirements, including spring cleaning and ironing.

Peace of Mind

Only 1 in 50 applicants makes it on to our carefully screened database. We interview them twice, visit them in their own homes and take up at least two references. And if they still subsequently don't measure up to your standards, we will send you someone who does.

Personal Cleaner

We don't operate in teams, and therefore you get the same cleaner every week. This is good because you develop a relationship with your cleaner. We have some clients who have had the same cleaner for years and years - and that's what we want for you.

COVID-19 Announcement


Firstly, we sincerely hope you and your family remain safe and healthy in these extremely worrying times.

I write in respect of the business fee as we are asking all clients who miss any cleans to keep a record of them. We can then ensure you are refunded any business fees paid over this time for the cleans that have been missed.

As the cleaners work directly for you it is up to you whether you wish to retain their services at this time and we support wholly any decision you make. We also ask that you follow up to date government advice to keep both yourself and your family safe, as well as the cleaner.

The government advice is that people are being allowed to travel to and from work, but only where that work can not be done from home. This means that your cleaner can continue to clean for you should you wish, but that government guidelines on social distancing must obviously be observed.

Most of our clients are continuing with their cleaner, however others are asking that we put the cleaning on hold for the moment, which we are also very happy to do - we will support your wishes to the very best of our ability and will ensure that any of the missed cleans get either refunded or ‘banked’ – whichever you prefer, and we guarantee you will not lose out financially.

Both the cleaners and myself are self-employed. We are a small, local business and we will continue to do our best for both our clients and cleaners in these challenging times. Our office will be open as usual and we appreciate the continued support of all our valued clients.

In return we would like to offer our assistance, if any is needed, to all our clients at this very difficult time, and in particular to our older clients who may be self-isolating. If there is any help that we can provide in any way then please, just give us a call and we will do everything we can to help.

If anything good comes out of this terrible situation, then it’s that we all need to look out for each other, and we are very happy to play our part.

Stay safe and well 😊